Bulk Image Resizing & Cropping Tool
Bulk Image Resizing by Birme.net

BIRME is a simple, easy-to-use bulk image resizing tool. It allows you to resize your images to any desired size and crop them accordingly. It's a web-based tool and doesn't require installation or downloading. BIRME is absolutely free.

Image Compression Tools

Image Resizer Tool
Free Image Resizer by Safeimagekit.com

It's simple to optimise and resize digital images using an online tool. Your photographs should be correctly sized and configured to suit a variety of uses. Whether you want to publish them on your social media profile, post them on your online store, or send them in an e-newsletter, reducing them in a hurry is what makes your life easier.

Image Resizer Tools

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Image Compression Tool
Free Image Compression by TinyPNG

TinyPNG compresses your WEBP, JPEG, and PNG files using sophisticated lossy compression algorithms.